News Tool: as a Social Media
Educational research on a company's webpage for an internal social media. If the company already having internal social media make a research how it goes, but if, company do not have internal social media make a research for advantage of implementation.

1 Introduction
1.1 Development of media
The world in an old era was millions and billions of time bigger than today. Before the new era there was also some kinds of ways to publish the notice and views. Using a very traditional ways, such as: Writing on the surface of stone, Woodblock writing, Writing on the metal plates, Drawings on the wall, Using an animals and birds to send message from one place to another. After that stage, there became some kinds of changes in media. Smoothly it carried a way to go forwards to the development. Gradually the printing press was invented and developed then there was a complete change in media. After that time, it made people think about digital ways of media and technology smoothly the result became positive. The situation of now is one of the better achievements of that time. The media of today is totally digital and advanced. Thats why, we now can carry the world in a pocket. All this things happen due to the developments of a advance digital media & technologies.

1.2 Tools
We now have many options to know about the current situation of the different places, things, people, Companies so and so. All kinds of corporate business house are using one or more different tools to publish them. Webpages are now one of the common way almost for all of them. In all of webpage have lots of informations about own company including Services, Prices, Promotions so and so. Some of the companies use news tool as a social media and some of them not.

1.3 Social Media
The society has now become more valuable part for a company. Every thing happens in society. The benefit and development of any company depends upon the social networks. Many companies are using other social networks to publish them, instead of having own social tool in webpage. The external social network might be harmful than internal one.

2. Problem Statement
2.1 If the company has not used news tool in a webpage, make a advance research on design, development and implementation.
2.2 If the company has already used news tool, to make a research on advantage of this news tool.

3. Objectives
3.1 It brings the companies, customers and stake holders in communication boundary. This process helps to know each part about new development in a company so the customers and stake holders can make their working schedule with company.

4. Methodology
4.1 Marketing research(with students and teachers and some international visitors )
The company's own news tool as a social media sends more informations than the general to the visitors, customers and stake holders. It helps the company's marketing department to collect more customers.

4.2 Design & Development
After finishing general marketing research, we now can start to design news tool for both publication web & print. In both we can arrange more than general informations to all stake holders(students and teachers and some international visitors). For web version we can easily built a normal page as other in the site and place different picture, text, and other media. Also for printing media we can keep the layout same and publish.

5. Internship schedule
5.1 General research with marketing Department – 3 weeks.
5.2 Basic layout design and approve or use a already approved design and work on placement of different objects and texts for print and web version – 2 weeks.
5.3 Develop a required other design – 2 weeks.
5.4 Develop final design and implement on the web with help of IT department – 2 weeks.
5.5 Research and analysis on feedback – 2 weeks.
5.6 Research on Further enhancement – 2 weeks.

6. My Profile
6.1 Nepali citizen, 25, finished high school education in my home country in 2005.
6.2 Learned basic graphic design and work as a assistant in a advertising company in Nepal.
6.3 Studied danish culture and european democracy in 2007.
6.4 Studied multimedia design and communication 2007 to 2009.
6.5 Studying web development.

7. Information provider
7.1 The Company.
7.2 Online open source.

8. Budget
8.1 As an intern according to the school intern is unpaid.
8.2 If the company like to implementation similar to intern result it depends.

9. Future enhancement
9.1 This project can strongly develop as a eMarketing strategy.
9.2 This project can also connect to the other social network.

10. Reference
10.1 Company
10.2 College
10.3 Online open source

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